By offering multiple services, we are able to provide better overall service to our clients. For example, our knowledge of mortgage loans enhances our ability to provide real estate services. Likewise, being familiar with real estate transactions enhances our ability to prepare income tax returns that involve owning, renting, or selling real estate. We understand the value of working with someone you trust and offering multiple services allow our clients to work with the same person to meet multiple needs. We truly are a "One Stop Shop".
E.N. Associates was established in 1992 as a small part time business and has grown into a very successful multiple service operation. Our strong growth is primarily the result of receiving referrals from satisfied clients. We value our clients and our clients value our services. Our desire to help our clients is genuine and we always make helping our clients our primary goal.
Ernest Nichols III
E.N. Associates
327 E. Leland Road
Pittsburg, CA 94565
P(925)427-0752 C(925)325-6395

We need Seasoned, New, and/or Aspiring Brokers and Agents to help with our massive expansion of the
unification of the Real Estate, Mortgage Loan and Insurance Services under one roof
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